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Group Offerings

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Oooh beautiful women! It's that time again. 


Want to work on your healing at a deeper level, dig into your desires, your fears and your true life’s path?

Join me!

I am now offering Building Foundations Series and

you don’t want to miss out.

Find your personal power & your soul’s purpose.

Deepen your knowledge of your strengths & weaknesses.

But most of all…...

It will encourage connection & growth. 

We are all here to co-create and live an inspired life - individually we are incredibly powerful but collectively we are a magical force - like a closed circle, we will become each others strength, wisdom and support.

Join me in group and find what you’ve been looking for & more.

This group will magically include but isn't limited to the following ideas:


Connection    Following how you feel    Your 4 energy bodies   

Intention Setting & Affirmations

How to get what you desire from the Universe!

Knowing what your body is telling you - how it speaks to you

Following your intuition       Grounding & Protection

Law of Attraction     Meditation    Fear, Worry & Doubt    Limiting Beliefs

Criticism & Judgement     Shifting Perspectives    Setting Boundaries  

Growth & Personal Responsibility  Forgive, Surrender & Acceptance


Weekly Oracle cards for each person

Guest Speakers

AND much MORE!

Building Foundations Series

10 Weeks -Tuesday Nights 7-9pm

Starting January 16th, 2024

@ My new office #12 - 1638 Pandosy Street

Investment $444

(split payments available)


Women's (1).jpg
Starting in April I will be offering a Red Tent New Moon Women's Gathering at Lounge on Lawrence.  
This gathering will be the most deliciously juicy experience to honour our divine womanhood and each other.  Sitting in circle we will offer monthly meditation, discussion, ritual & support.  

What if we just supported one another and ourselves in the most nurturing, gentle & loving way?  

What if together we are whole?
A place to honour, support & encourage our divine womanhood.

This beautiful gathering will happen monthly on or close to the eve of the new moon.

A time to remember our true selves, our power, our intuition, our knowing & our magical connection to one another

Gathered every month we will create & hold space for:
  • Honouring our Divine Feminine

  • The connectedness of being a woman and all it's magic

  • Teachings include:

    • 4 stages of Womanhood

    • Creating balance & support in your masculine & feminine energies

    • The Spiritualty of Menstruation & the Moon

    • Your Womb Space & Sacral Chakra

    • Understanding Discernment, Following Your Intuition

    • Creativity & Fertility (the growth of new things)

    • Practiced Womb healing

  • Beautifully & Intuitively curated rituals for each gathering

  • Heart led Discussions

  • Monthly Meditation

  • Monthly Personal Messages

  • Support & Love

Our New Moon Circles are held monthly at Lounge on Lawrence, 521 Lawrence Ave Kelowna BC

7:00pm - 8:30pm (doors open at 6:30pm)

Investment: $40

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