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Services Offered

At Joyful Healing I offer both Homeopathy Consultations and Reiki Healing.  I have found from experience that the combination of both modalities allows intensive healing on both the physical, mental/emotional and energetic levels. 


Homeopathic consultations range from 1/2 hour to 2 hours depending on your level of illness or concern.  Initial consultations are intensive in that we cover all the symptoms that your body is producing as signs of your imbalance.  These include physical and mental emotional changes.  This is very different from the western medical model where the focus is solely on your one complaint and not your whole being.  With Homeopathic medicines we base our prescription on the totality of your symptoms and chose a remedy that matches your individual needs. 

I am available anytime for questions or concerns you might like answered to help you determine if homeopathy is right for you.


Reiki healings are approximately 1 hour and involve healing of your body's energetic system (or chalkras).  I gently lay my hands on your body starting at your solar plexus, then to your stomach, hips, knees, feet, shoulders, head, chest, throat & crown.  Once I've opened and cleared each area I may go back to any spots that need extra attention.  This process is completed while you lay on your back with hands at your sides.  There is also an intuitive component to this healing as I relay messages from your guides, angels and family or friends that have passed over.  The messages are usually based on what you need to know in your life at the time of the healing. 

“It is my life passion to help people feel better, to share my knowledge and heal my patients in the most rapid, gentle, and permanent way that only homeopathy can.”   - Jen Bishop

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