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What to expect in your homeopathic consultation:


Your inital consultation can range from 1.5 - 2 hours.  During your first visit, I will review your medical history and we will discuss all of your current symptoms – mental, emotional and physical.  It is extremely important for me to understand exactly what makes you and your illness unqiue.  Based on the consultation I will choose a homeopathic medicine to match your individual symptoms.

A second follow up appointment will be booked after your inital consultation, the 1st follow up appointment usually takes 1 hour. 

Subsequent follow-up visits should be booked 3-4 weeks apart and will vary depending on your condition and healthcare needs.   Regular check-ups help me oversee the effect of the homeopathic medicine as it stimulates the healing response. Consistent use of homeopathic medicines, support from me and a good diet is the key to success.

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